Matthew Stevens and Justin Brown Live From The Red Room

Tune in on Saturday, April 7th @ 8 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from the Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Matthew Stevens and Justin Brown.

Canadian born and Harlem based artist, Matthew Stevens, is a superb composer and guitar player of the jazz-rock style . He has built quite the reputation for himself after graduating from Berklee in 2004 by networking and collaborating with artists such as Harvey Mason, NEXT Collective, and Esperanza Spaulding. Stevens worked on her D+Evolution project as well as Exposure, which he played on as well helped to compose and produce. He has been included in DownBeat Magazine’s 25 For The Future issue and the Annual Critics Poll Rising Star Guitar Category two years in a row. Continue reading “Matthew Stevens and Justin Brown Live From The Red Room”

L.A. Salami and Cat Clyde Live From the Red Room

Tune in Tuesday, April 3rd @ 8 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring L.A. Salami and Cat Clyde.

L.A. Salami is a singer-songwriter from London, England, known for crafting magnetic blues/rock songs with a postmodern twist.

Most of his teens and early 20s were spent on the move, rarely settling in one place for more than few months. This lifestyle gave him a unique outlook which inspired lyrics and concepts in his songwriting. Hearing Bob Dylan on the radio led Salami to discovering and later exploring the blues and folk genres. He eventually had his first batch of songs, and decided to hit the road. Continue reading “L.A. Salami and Cat Clyde Live From the Red Room”

Show Review: MGMT at the Orpheum Theater 3/16

Story by Justin Cameron

MGMT never really left, but Little Dark Age feels like a comeback. Oracular Spectacular made them into indie rock gods, but they stepped away from the spotlight and Little Dark Age has brought them right back.

They opened to a sold-out crowd at the Orpheum Theater with the title track of their latest release, Little Dark Age, and from there they played a set heavy with songs from the new album. Peppered in throughout were the top hits from Oracular Spectacular: “Time to Pretend”, “Electric Feel”, and “Kids” kept the crowd moving, and deservingly received the most reaction. Most of the songs from the new album received a positive reaction with highlights being “James” and “Me and Michael.”

The band as a whole sounded great and was tight throughout their set while the new songs translated well to the live setting accompanied by some new, trippy visuals. Their sound could have easily been mistaken for someone just playing the record over speakers. The visuals (such as having a phone with familiar apps floating behind them during “TSLAMP”) added a new layer to their set and complimented the songs.

Armed with new songs and visuals, MGMT is on top of their game right now and is an absolute must see.


Win tickets to see Dead Horses with Kate Rhudy Live at The Red Room

Tune in on Wednesday, April 11th @ 8 PM EST to birnCORE for a live broadcast from the Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Dead Horses and Kate Rhudy.

“At fifteen, Dead Horses frontwoman Sarah Vos’ world turned upside down. Raised in a strict, fundamentalist home, Vos lost everything when she and her family were expelled from the rural Wisconsin church where her father had long served as pastor.” The Dead Horses’ new album titled “My Mother the Moon” is one that is “full of trauma and triumph, despair and hope, pain and resilience. Blending elements of traditional roots with modern indie folk, the songs are both familiar and unexpected, unflinchingly honest in their portrayal of modern American life, yet optimistic in their unshakable faith in brighter days to come.” Continue reading “Win tickets to see Dead Horses with Kate Rhudy Live at The Red Room”

Sam Moss Plays Birn Alive on Saturday, March 31

This week on Birn Alive: Sam Moss

Sam Moss is a finger style guitarist, turned singer songwriter based out of Boston. His early music includes recordings of instrumental folk guitar, but his sound has gradually evolved to be more lyrically centric. His acclaimed 2016 release, Fable gained attention from WXPN, calling it “an easy-flowing, so-wonderful-to-listen-to collection of un-weighted folk-rock. This is the kind of well-crafted music that looks simple to make, but requires a certain level of skill, focus, and imagination to put together.”

BIRN Alive is home to great live performances and insightful conversation every Saturday at 4:00 PM EST.

Tune in here.

Tribute to Dave Valentin: Live From the Red Room

Tuesday, March 27th @ 8 PM EST, tune in for A Tribute to Dave Valentin, live from the Red Room.
Dave Valentin was a Grammy award winning jazz flutist and was one of the pre-eminent flutists in Latin jazz, known for his creative combination of fusion, pop and R&B. This tribute was a brainchild of Berklee bass professor and Latino director Oscar Stagnaro, who was inspired by many years of working alongside Valentin.
The event will also feature professors Lincoln Goines and Fernando Brandão. The band will be composed of Berklee students and alumni.
Listen on birnCORE here.

In Tall Buildings and Photocomfort Live From the Red Room 3/30

Tune in to birnCORE this Friday, March 30th @ 8 PM EST for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring In Tall Buildings.

In Tall Buildings is a one-man polymathic project of Chicago songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erik Hall. Producer and engineer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) joined him in the studio for his last album, Driver, back in 2015. Continue reading “In Tall Buildings and Photocomfort Live From the Red Room 3/30”

Listen to Ingrid Andress Live from the Red Room

Friday, March 16th @ 8 PM EST! Tune in to birnCORE for a live broadcast from The Red Room @ Cafe 939 featuring Ingrid Andress.

Ingrid Andress is a country singer-songwriter who splits time between Nashville and Los Angeles. She grew up on a wide range of music, captivated by vocalists from Whitney Houston to Sarah McLachlan and Robert Plant. But it was the country sensibilities of Joni Mitchell, Faith Hill, the Dixie Chicks, and even John Denver that stole her heart and fired her imagination. As a result, her country songs are unguarded and raw, focusing on her gutsy-but-vulnerable voice and the feelings pulled from her wanderer’s soul.

Listen on birnCORE