Next Meeting

There will be no meeting July 22.

Our next meeting will be Monday, July 29 in the usual place (22 The Fenway, room 112):

6:00 pm for ALL. 

Friendly reminder:  Attending our weekly meetings is a requirement for all BIRN DJs.

Our new computer is installed in the broadcast studio and working – mostly.  Traktor is taking a long time to start up, and to read files in the file explorer.  (We’re working on it.)  For now, please be patient with it.  And DO NOT quit Traktor after using it – just leave it running.  I’ll post further updates here as they come.

IMPORTANT:  To help Traktor to run more efficiently, we have made an important change to our file management practice.  Your DJ folders are now located on the new BIRN_Music volume (not BIRN_DRIVE).  You will find BIRN_Music on the desktop of the Broadcast and Edit computers and you should use it in the same way as before.

NOOBS:  As a reminder, these are the required steps to complete your DJ training and become a peep:

  • Signed forms given to your trainer (or the station manager)
  • DJ photo taken
  • DJ profile description written
  • Training shows 1-5 attended
  • Observation done (see below)
  • Proficiency passed

Speak with your trainer and/or Curtis if you have questions about any of these.



If you’ve completed your training and would like to participate in other station activities, send an email to the appropriate department:

Production (
• live music recording and mixing
• event coordination
• live event hosting
• audio production (sweepers, promos…)
• video production

Communications (
• promotions
• copy writing
• music journalism
• blog and social media
• photography and graphic design

Station Operations (
• show scheduling
• DJ training
• music library, programming
• technical infrastructure
• rules and policies

Turntable Training (
(You may not use the BIRN’s turntables without a short training session.  Contact me to set up a time.)



Before your proficiencies, all noobs MUST observe one show! Here are your steps:

  1. Select a show from the following list
  2. Email that DJ asking them if you can observe their show
  3. After observing, have that DJ email your trainer and confirm that you came to the show!

Here are your options: **You cannot observe your trainer’s show!**

  1. Monday 8-10pm The WORME (Colin Jenkins
  2. Tuesday 5-6pm Ultra Berklee (Michael Chen
  3. Tuesday 6-8pm Sold on Pop (Micah Nicol
  4. Wednesday 3-4pm What’s in the Record Bag (Curtis Heimburger
  5. Thursday 1-3pm The Wet Hot American Radio Show (Leah Gutman, Maria-Elena Kaser)
  6. Thursday 7-8pm OzHour (Maxime Schwiersch
  7. Friday 5-7pm Outlaw Radio (Nick Antonelli
  8. Friday 12-1am Goojick’s Licks (Jason Gugick
  9. Saturday 1-3pm Transatlantic Crossover with Romarna Campbell (