NOOB Observations

Hello Noobs!

I trust training has been going well, and most of you are so so so close to being done! One of the final steps to cross the threshold is to observe another DJ’s show to give you a taste of how a real show is run here at the BIRN. Note: You cannot observe your trainer’s show!!! But below I’ve made a list of available shows to choose from and the DJs’ contact info. Email them asking if it’d be cool if you sat in on their show either this week or next week (THIS MUST BE COMPLETED IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS) afterwards, make sure that DJ emails confirming that you were there.

And that’s it!!!



  • The Brit-Brit 1-3pm
    Charles Henry-Volk
  • Completely Different 6-7pm
    Roberto Alaniz
  • Night Music 9-10pm
    Charlie Lincoln


  • ElectriCute 2-3pm
    Claire Marie Lim
  • SL!DE 4-6pm
    Brendan Meyer  
    Matt Knispel  
  • Alternative to Everything 7-9pm
    JC LeResche  


  • Dr. Beat 1-2pm
    Scott Bell       
  • Berklee’s Student Allies for Anti-Violence Education 6-7pm
    Alex Stewart 
  • HouseFire Radio 7-9pm
    Joe Wenger   
  • The Songwriter Sessions 9-11pm
    Jenni Rudolph


  • Unwind With Ey   2-3pm
    Emily Yang    
  • Mew Tunes 4-6pm
    Kaitlyn Mew  
  • Aux Cord University 8-10pm
    Darcy Davis  



  • Traffic Jamz 4-6pm
    Kysan Kwan  
  • Electric Odyssey 6-7pm
    Bryan Borders     
  • Dumphopticon 7-9pm
    William Maranci


  • You, Me and KB 5-7pm
    Kaley Bonett 
  • Happier Hour 7-8pm
    Nilsen Humphrey
  • K-Town 9-11pm
    JiHoon Park  


  • Live From A306 2-4pm
    Tanir Morrison    
  • What You Haven’t Heard 5-6pm
    Curtis Heimburger