Before your proficiencies, all noobs MUST observe one show! Here are your steps:

  1. Select a show from the following list
  2. Email that DJ asking them if you can observe their show
  3. After observing, have that DJ email your trainer and confirm that you came to the show!

Here are your options: **You cannot observe your trainer’s show!**

  1. Monday 8-10pm The WORME (Colin Jenkins cjenkins1@berklee.edu)
  2. Tuesday 5-6pm Ultra Berklee (Michael Chen zchen5@berklee.edu)
  3. Tuesday 6-8pm Sold on Pop (Micah Nicol mnicol2@berklee.edu)
  4. Wednesday 3-4pm What’s in the Record Bag (Curtis Heimburger cheimburger@berklee.edu)
  5. Thursday 1-3pm The Wet Hot American Radio Show (Leah Gutman lgutman@berklee.edu, Maria-Elena Kaser)
  6. Thursday 7-8pm OzHour (Maxime Schwiersch mschwiersch@berklee.edu)
  7. Friday 5-7pm Outlaw Radio (Nick Antonelli Nantonelli@berklee.edu)
  8. Friday 12-1am Goojick’s Licks (Jason Gugick jgugick24@gmail.com)
  9. Saturday 1-3pm Transatlantic Crossover with Romarna Campbell (rcampbell@berklee.edu)